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How to Know if You Need Mosquito Control Services

Did you know there are about 3,000 breeds of mosquitoes in the world? of those 3,000, about 175 mosquitoes species reside in the United States. These pesky bugs tend to live in warm, humid climates.

However, they are found all over the U.S. You know them because they leave stinging, itchy bites that form irritated bumps along your skin. However, they can also spread disease which is potentially fatal to you, your family, and your pets.

That is why you should know whether or not your home and neighborhood require Mosquito Control Services. Want to know more? If so, keep reading this informative article. 

You Live in High Humidity 

The weather has a lot of impact on mosquito activity. If you live in a tropical climate like Florida, you may notice the weather report adds in how active mosquitoes are likely to be each season.

That is because they thrive in moisture and water. Therefore, the more humid the climate, the better. In the summer, you will find more mosquitoes buzzing around than you do in the winter.

That is because these critters are cold-blooded. Meaning, they cannot regulate their body temperature like creatures who are warmblooded.

So, if the air is too cold or too dry, the mosquitoes won't fair well. However, the hotter the temperature, the warmer they become. That leads to more mating, egg-laying, and feeding (biting). 

You Are Near Still Water

Along with humidity, mosquitoes love standing water. Standing water relates to things like ponds, swamps, and lakes that do not see surface-level activity.

These bodies of water will also grow algae and other creatures, like parasites. Those examples are not the only forms of standing water, though. Keep an eye out for any area that collects rainwater.

Sometimes, the lids of garbage cans and kiddie pools will sit stagnant for a few days. All of the forms of standing water are breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water.

Each mosquito can lay up to 200 eggs at a time. Add a couple of thousand mosquitoes in one area, and you have even more eggs ready to hatch. Therefore, if you live near standing water, you may want to research mosquito control near me on your preferred web browser. 

You Notice Bites

Another sign that you might need mosquito and pest control services is if you experience frequent bites. You will know right off the bat if you have a mosquito bite or not.

When these bugs land on your skin, they insert a proboscis (straw-like mouth) into your body. As they do so, they inject poison to bring your blood to the surface.

They get a snack and fly away and leave you with a red and itchy bump. Of course, a few bites here and there are common issues. However, if you notice an excess of biting and cannot leave your home without getting bit, you may have a problem. 

You See Mosquitoes Inside 

If you notice mosquitoes constantly invading the inside of your house, that is a big giveaway that you need pest control. It is one thing to have them outside in nature, and another when they start to follow you around inside.

Not only is it annoying, but it is dangerous to you and your family. When this begins to happen, call up your local pest control company, like us here at Redd Pest Control, and inquire about different mosquito services. 

Disease Prevention

Hiring a service to come out and spray the area with mosquito control products will ensure the safety of you and your family. Mosquitoes are known for spreading diseases like Zika, Yellow Fever, Encephalitis, and more.

These diseases spread from blood to blood contact. For example, say mosquito bites a bird sick with the Bird Flu or some other blood-borne virus. That same mosquito then travels to your house and potentially bites you.

Well, the blood from the infected bird is still on the mosquito's proboscis when it injects it into your skin. After that, you may become infected with the bird flu. 

Mosquito control services are the best way to keep disease at bay. That way, you remain healthy as possible. 

Eliminates Danger to Pets

Along with you and your family, your pets are at risk. Mosquitoes not only carry diseases, but they can transmit parasites like heartworms to your cat or dog.

If you live in a mosquito-filled area, your vet may prescribe you medication to fight off heartworms. However, with an excess of mosquitoes constantly biting your pets, you run the risk of them developing this potentially fatal condition. 

Prevention of Larvae

Mosquito control services not only kill existing bugs but also dispel larvae. So, when the truck comes by and sprays, it will fall over any eggs in the area.

Once the insecticides touch the fragile eggs or larvae, they will kill them. Baby mosquitoes are susceptible to chemicals and are therefore easily killed. By regularly removing the larvae, you ensure that the infestation of mosquitoes never returns. 

You Will Feel Better Hiring Professionals

Chances are, you have enough on your plate as it is. You do not want to add in the frustration of dealing with mosquitoes on top of everything else in life.

Of course, many try DIY methods to repel mosquitoes. However, candles and homemade bug sprays will only rid you of your problem for a little while.

It won't be long until the problem is back and you feel even more aggravated. Mosquito control services will ease your life up a bit by taking away those annoying bites and stings on your arms and legs. 

Mosquito Control Services

As you can tell, there are several reasons to hire Mosquito Control Services. Remember to be on the lookout for high volumes of mosquitoes in your area, especially if you live in high humidity or near standing water.

We hope this article helps you understand the benefits of pest control. If you require the best mosquito control, Redd Pest Control is here to help.

We will head over to your area with our specialized trucks and kill any nasty critters invading your yard or street. Please, feel free to contact us today with any questions or concerns. 

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