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Fleas & Ticks

Controlling Fleas & Ticks In Shreveport

Fleas and ticks can be a year round problem here in the deep South as temperatures don’t get low enough for a long enough period of time to slow them down.

So just finding a few fleas on your pet is not an indication that you’re needing your home and yard treated.

The rule of thumb is… if fleas are jumping on you and not just on your pet, then you need to have your home and yard treated.  A simple way to check to see if you’re needing a treatment is to wear white knee socks and walk around your yard, periodically checking to see if fleas are jumping on the socks.  They are attracted to bright colors and movement, so this is an easy way to check both inside your home and the yard as well. 

We use a tank mix system to apply a consistent mixture of insecticide and insect growth regulator to kill the adult fleas and prevent the rapid growth of new hatched fleas.  The products we use are safe to the touch after they are dry.  All people and pets must be off the treated surface until it completely dries.

Inside treatments are sometimes needed as well and care is taken to minimize disruption while the flea treatment is ongoing.  Items that are on the floor need to be elevated so that as much of the floor area is clear for the treatment to be a success.  Pet food and water need to be moved to a safe location as well as toys, etc.

Pets should be treated under the advice of your veterinarian to minimize the occurrence of a flea infestation and to aid in the success of a flea treatment, should one be required. 687-7252
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