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Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control In Shreveport

Expert Mosquito Control in Shreveport-Bossier City

Redd Pest Control stands out from other mosquito control services in the Shreveport area. Our 99% natural mosquito solution aims to reduce pesticide usage and minimize negative environmental impact. Other mosquito control systems are less effective, rely almost exclusively on pesticides, and provide little to no long-term mosquito protection. Redd Pest Control is the most effective mosquito control alternative for Shreveport residents who want to enjoy their properties mosquito-free while limiting their exposure to pesticides.

Affordable Mosquito Control

Our mosquito control service is also much more affordable than other mosquito services in the Shreveport and Bossier City areas. Many of our competitors require expensive mosquito misting systems. Homeowners are not only burdened with the cost of the equipment and installation, but also with frequent repairs and expensive annual contracts. At Redd Pest Control, our mosquito mist solution is applied directly to your yard by licensed technicians who will leave your yard mosquito free. This means you won't have to worry about the unsightly look of a bulky mosquito misting system. You will also avoid all the upfront cost. You can order Redd Pest Control applications on an as-needed basis, and we do not require you to sign a long-term contract.

Effective, 99% Natural Mosquito Control

The Redd Pest Control backyard mosquito control system is very effective, 99% natural, and affordable. Imagine relaxing on your deck as you watch the kids play in the backyard. Imagine going for a swim after a long day at work. Imagine outdoor summer parties with friends and neighbors. Now you can do all of these things without mosquitoes. Take control of your yard again with Redd Pest Control!

Solution For All 4 Mosquito Life Stages

Mosquitoes have four distinct life stages (egg, larvae, pupae, adult). Most mosquito control methods fail to control mosquito populations by focusing inadequately on only one of these life stages. At Redd Pest Control, we focus on the control of all four life stages utilizing both pyrethroids to kill and natural oils to repel mosquitoes, achieving up to 95% control of the mosquito population on a property.

1. Removing Conducive Conditions to Prevent Egg, Larvae, and Pupae Development

Before applying a mosquito treatment, our licensed technicians inspect and identify the areas that are contributing to mosquito harborages on a property. Remedying these potential nesting sites will eliminate potential mosquito egg, larvae, and pupae from developing on a property. On a regular basis, these listed items are monitored and addressed to reflect current conditions. Most of these items are surprisingly simple fixes and greatly assist in pesticide reduction.

2. Eradication of Adult Mosquitoes

The pyrethroid portion of our solution is directed deep into mosquito harborages at a high velocity to eradicate adult mosquitoes on contact. The residual properties of the pesticide we apply will continue to effectively eradicate mosquitoes that attempt to land in these areas for up to 21 days. This effective treatment is dynamic and can penetrate deep into all infested areas of a property. Redd Pest Control is far superior to a traditional static misting system that is limited by its fixed location, clogged nozzles, and inadequate pressure that is often subject to the direction of the wind.

3. Repelling Adult Mosquitoes

A mixture of unique essential oils in the Redd-Pest Control solution serves as a strong repellent, preventing mosquitoes from nesting on the property. It also acts as a vertical repellent for neighboring mosquitoes trying to establish harborages on the property. Naturally water-resistant, these oils assist in maintaining product effectiveness even during rainy weather. While these natural oils have an odor, it becomes undetectable by humans after only a day or two. Mosquitoes, on the other hand, detect these odors for up to 21 days.

4. Sterilizing Mosquito Larvae

When standing water cannot be eliminated, Redd Pest Control utilizes insect-growth-regulators to treat water receptacles or standing water areas. This helps prevent mosquito larvae from developing into adult mosquitoes.

As you can see, the Redd Pest Control system targets all four life stages of mosquitoes by utilizing three distinct modes of action (prevention, eradication, and repellency) to effectively control up to 95% or more of your mosquito population. Adult mosquitoes detect the spray for up to 21 days providing you with the best mosquito control with long-lasting results.


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